Friday, 20 October 2017

Dance me to death

Lift me to our place to be overthrown
Somewhere between death and despair
Somewhere very broken to mourn
There is no cure for this love I wear

I have told you before, and say it again
Darkness in love is not my game
I have stood in front of you in vain
And the Holy God was brought to shame

I would cut my heart out, I swear if I knew how to
I didn’t see the time, and waited all my life away
With your army of excuses, I stand here for you

For a miracle while he smiles upon my cruel prayer. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


We are told grief changes people.
It makes us care.
It stands above us like a steeple.
It storms louder than we can bear.

But, I tell you today;
That grief doesn’t work that way.
It silently streams through your veins.
Changes every breath you take.

Grief will choke you.
She will wrap her venom around you.
But, what you will remember
Is just how it made you feel.

If she hasn’t made you re-evaluate
If she didn’t make you sin
If she hadn’t left you distrait
Have you really anything within?

The tales of the brotherhood of man
The lies told to us to change our ways
If we go back to where it all began;

All we ever needed was just a little bit of ‘grace’.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

When you go low

I have spoken, yes I have spoken.
You have taken my grace;
Still, I remain unbroken.
But, your filth you can’t erase.

Yes! I did not bow my head
Not to your intolerant liberalism.
But, my soul has bled.
Because, you validate feudalism.

Your liberal feudalism is a shame
But not for me or for us.
But what you think is aspartame.
But, the coming of the fair truss.

You can break my bones.
You can shame my faith.
You can paint me in brushes of red.
But not my love like wraith.

Your shameless aids will clap at your disgrace
You may feel the battle is won.
It’s just the pillar of grace that you deface.
Me? I am not here to repugn.

I am not shamed by your words.
I am not shamed by your thoughts.
You may think I am in herds.
I am just what people call a nought.

So you can drag me down the street like a whore
I will shine brighter than ever before.
You can choose to curse my core

And, yet! Here I am ready to soar.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Satin Lies

Dance with me even today
Let’s pretend that we care.
Your major lift has just been to sway
Sway this life of mine away
In your arms and between your lips
You lie to me about the lie called, ‘love’
Lift me like a branch between your heart
Let me feel the things poets write about
Tell me tales of love and woe
Hold my heart in this broken world
Even if you will drop it in a while
This beautiful world we see so dear
Is just a satin silk of death and lie

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Dear Death

Dear Death, you shine so bright.
Like an inescapable goal
You are etched in this world with charcoal
You are my love, a birthright.

The kingdoms won
And the riches kept safely
I have earned a life
And yet, you are nothing short of crafty.

You my love are the ‘truth’
The truth of life and gods above.
I have spoken to you, oh! So freely.
Yet, you still are like a summer dove.

So, be gentle my darling.
Be the song, I long to sing.
Be a friend and not a foe.
Make it worthwhile, all tied in a string

Monday, 3 October 2016

A Difference

It made a difference
It made such a big difference.
Their hands felt rusty.
Yours felt like gold.

What is it to stare in awe at you?
Ask me, I can tie tales as I describe it.
Calm came in the colour of steel blue,
With me in your hands like a brace bit.

Coffee has secrets of our kisses
And the rain? What about the rain?
It is just my reminiscences.
Of you and of what we could be.

My poems tell of the affairs with your lips
The nights are where you are with me.
You are what I give myself as tidy tips.

You are the part of me, you will never see.